Get Supportive. Dig Deep

Well here we are and its always that time of year. The Plumridge House team are doing a charity drive. Why? Because we know it makes the world a better place and why not, every dollar counts as they say and we truly believe that! 

We are looking to support anyone with a charity by providing catering and a space to host a gathering and bring all the great people together so we can build a better community and give to an even better cause. 

How does this work? You come to us, tell us your charity, we set it up, you bring the people, we raise money and have a great time! 

Contact us today to get started. Email or call +61 7 3394 8409


Your Plumridge House Team. 




We Are New. We are here

Hi there! Welcome to the new shiny Plumridge House. We have been "renovating" our website for the last month and are so excited to unveil it today. 

Have a look around, share it and let us know what you think. This blog will be a great place to check in regularly as we will have up today news and info on Plumridge House, Charity drives, Local news and more. 

For any enquiries please contact or call +61 7 3394 8409


Your Plumridge House Team.